Ramiro Logares Haurie


Dr. Ramiro Logares-Haurie, obtained his PhD at Lund University (Ecology Department), Sweden, in 2007, and has been a post-doc in Uppsala University (Evolutionary Biology Centre), Sweden (2008-2010). Since 2010, he has been a researcher at the department of Marine Biology and Oceanography at ICM-CSIC, Barcelona. Initially, he has been a Marie Curie Fellow (2010-2012; EU-PF7), then a Juan de la Cierva fellow (2012-2015, MINECO, Spain), and since 2015 he is an independent PI within the Spanish Ramon y Cajal programme (MINECO, Spain). He has authored multiple papers in the field of microbial ecology, metagenomics , biodiversity and bioinformatics. At the moment, Dr. Logares group includes 7 researchers of whom he is the main supervisor (1 post-doc, 2 PhD students, 3 technicians and 1 master student) and he also co-supervises 3 PhD students (from Spain, France and Brazil). Dr. Logares is the director of the MARBITS bioinformatics platform at ICM-CSIC and he is ambassador for Spain at the International Society for Microbial Ecology (ISME).